Friday, January 13, 2012


Gotye- Somebody I Used to Know

  This video is so intriguing, with suddle movement and light pastel's, the image of Gotye and Kimba is simply stunning.
  My thesis this semester is focusing on a gym that promotes voyeuristic attitudes, both reciprocal and non-reciprocal. In a way, this video relates to the voyeuristic approach, as well as the conceptual aspects of the actual design. Conceptually, I am considering the variety of particular angles of direction, which produce an array of reflections. Therefore the reflection becomes less intimidating for the individual being watched. The voyee becomes less of a victim, whilst the voyeur still feels comfortable with his/her behavior.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bill Sofield

   Bill Sofield has collaborated with McGuire furniture to develop fifteen beautiful pieces.
 Bill Sofield Baton Writing Table
This writing table has impeccable detailing.
Bill Sofield Baton Arm Chair
Sofield's arm chair is a combination of blackened steel and Danish cord. These two pieces would look stunning together.
Bill Sofield is part of the Aero Studios firm along with Thomas O'Brien. These furniture pieces are quite different from the pieces used in the David Barton Gyms, but beautiful in their own style.
Check out Sofield's collection at McGuire here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Florence Knoll Exhibit

    From October 26 - December 15, Philadelphia University will be hosting a Florence Knoll exhibit focusing on her work previously housed in the 2005 exhibition at the Phildelphia Museum of Art. I attended the opening reception and lecture following, and fell even more in love with Florence than I already was. Her determination and passion for design as a coherent entity is undeniable.

 If you get the chance, visit the exhibit at the University's lower level of the Paul J. Gutman Library. For more information on Florence Knoll visit here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Industrial Dining Table

    After searching for the perfect dining table, my fiance and I finally decided on this table from West Elm.
(via Westelm)
The table is composed of reclaimed wood from India. Ours was finally delivered today, and it is simply stunning! The wood is full of depth and character, and we cannot wait to eat all of our meals on it. Because we live in a loft, these high back chairs will aid in highlighting the verticality of our space. A bench also seems suitable for our space because our dining area is quite small, and will allow complete visual access to the table.
   I am looking forward to decorating our new table with mini pumpkins and gourds. Pictures to come once we have everything in place!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thomas O'Brien

Last week DesignMilk featured designer Thomas O'Brien. O'Brien is the President of Aero Studios, the New York firm started in 1992. Currently, I am designing a fitness center for senior thesis at Philadelphia University. Aero Studios have produced a variety of cutting edge gym designs for David Barton, owner of the up and coming fitness brand David Barton Gym. The gyms are revolutionary in the fitness world, creating interiors typically taboo of health clubs. Barton Gyms designed by Aero Studios are unlike any other health club or fitness center in America, and have undoubtedly inspired me to break from traditional healthcare design into a broader, more exciting environment.
Check out DesignMilk's article on Thomas O'Brien here
& check out some of the David Barton Gyms here

Eames Lounge Chair

1956 Assembly Film

Vitra manufacturing, Germany

Since its 1956 introduction, the Eames lounge chair has become a true representation of classic design. The chair is now in production by both Herman Miller for the American market and Vitra for the European market. Vitra designers adjusted the overall dimensions of the lounge chair for maximum comfort of the individual while staying true to the aesthetic of the chair. Herman Miller also adjusted the design of the original chair by specifying contract-grade leather for increased durability, and began to use lacquered wood instead of oiled wood finishes.
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